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new collaborative album "Celestial Chariots" with carnatic violin virtuoso Gautam Karnik mixing Indian classical music with Unearthly psychedelia.

Unearth Noise Goes Vinyl

Unearth Noise will be going vinyl with Lullabies For Insomniacs. More Info Soon!

Two New Albums

"Radicalized" as well as "Another Dimension" both available now on Bandcamp.

Excavating sonic artifacts from the heart, mind and soul.

A hallucinatory mixture of psychedelic & tribal sounds.

Sacred Excavations

15 pieces of soul searching mind-bending psychedelia by Unearth Noise, mastered to perfection by bitzone.


Jarring dissonant noise rock, Radicalized is the soundtrack for your inner sociopath.

Another Dimension

A collection of psychotropic explorations through Turkish-psych, occult doom, extraterrestrial soundscapes, and shamanic chants. Mastered by bitzone.


this album was recorded and written by Unearth Noise (NJ) and Stone Catcherye (CT) between May of 2012 and February of 2013. without ever being in the same room. inspired by Chris Shinn.

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