The Biography of Unearth Noise

September 2014

UNEARTH NOISE combines elements of experimental music, psychedelia, world sounds, and ritual music. Electronics are blended with invented instruments, electric guitars, tribal drums, and shamanic voices, to create otherworldly soundscapes sometimes jarring and dissonant, other times meditative and devotional.


"Music projects a living image into your existence, it is an expression of something beyond our own comprehension, seemingly existing as part of the moment only as color and feeling – something that Unearth Noise has been able to achieve with every single track that I've listened to. The name itself can allow you to vaguely imagine what you are about to fall under the spell of. " -Rolby Perez of Neitherzine.

Invisible Realm (the Shamanic album)

Invisible Realm is an album which explores my interest in shamanism, and shamanic music. Each track (with the exception of "Offering") features the incantation of a different Amerindian shaman set within an electro-acoustic soundscape.

Aligned With The Moon (Unearth Noise & Steph Sweet)

A collection of dreamsongs co-written with the witchy singer-songwriter Steph Sweet.

Invocations with my Shaman Brother (Unearth Noise & Pp Kaubi)

A collaboration between Pp Kaubi and Unearth Noise which explores our mutual interest in the power of shamanic music.

Ortomn (thee Ancient Aliens)

The second album by Thee Ancient Aliens, which is a partnership between Unearth Noise and singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Stone Catcherye. This album blends psychedelic rock with Arabic and experimental sounds.

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